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Real Film Productions

FilmLab Academy is partnered with GP2 Entertainment, to bring full-blown short film productions for our students, with intensive opportunities for them. These productions are IMDB-Listed, and are submitted to film festivals


2020-2021 Project

Diana Web Series

Pilot Episodes 1 & 2

Production Status: Completed

Release Status: Released and Currently in Film Festivals

Logline: "Diana, a young woman who receives an unexpected ability, must avoid capture and survive a nemesis intent on her destruction."

Starring FilmLab Student Performers: (By IMDB Order)

Ruby Lott, Tyrah Read, Erin Bradley, Agathe Camp, Emily Collins, Deividy Reis, Megan Hintz, XinYi-Athena Miller

2022-2023 Project

Wired Short Film

Standalone Short Film

Production Status: Post-Production

Release Status: TBD

Logline: "An undercover cop must eliminate a high profile target, to save her family"

Starring FilmLab Student Performers: (By IMDB Order)

Ruby Lott, Michelle Brass, Jane Bychkova, Eden Jaymes, Chris Hurst, Yagmur Dikici


FilmLab/GP2 Entertainment Productions - Behind the Scenes Highlights

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