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You can now book directly into classes and pay online!

If you wish to try a class, you can contact us via the form for trial availability

If you wish to join mid-term, we absolutely support that! Please contact us to discuss when you wish to book from and to be able to obtain a code for booking mid-term

About Our Classes

All of our classes are booked via a form, as we will be in touch with you to process them


No Experience required

We welcome students of all abilities, backgrounds, and experience levels.

Our classes are booked by the term, with a full year's curriculum by our teachers. Numbers are also limited. Once numbers are reached, we will place new registrations on a waiting list.


Term-Based Learning

Our classes are weekly, booked and run by the term, with a full year's curriculum by our teachers.

Our curriculum is designed to teach you over the course of the full year, although we book subjects by the term. We work through the year to build your skills, provide opportunities for those learnings to be applied and displayed, and where possible, we will assist in finding you opportunities outside and on-top of your classes as well.

Available Classes
(Click for info & locations within)

New Farm - New Farm Neighbourhood C
entre, Brunswick Street, New Farm QLD
Acacia Ridge - 21 Hanify St, Ac
acia Ridge QLD

Online (Zoom) - Mature Creative Class only
Cleveland (Future) - 172 Bloomfield Street, Cleveland (Donald Simpson Community Center)

Enquiry Form - Reminder, you can book directly online

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