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Certification Options

Trinity College London examinations for accreditation through FilmLab Academy

Accreditation & Training - Why us?

Why study and get accredited with us?


What is Trinity College?

Trinity College London is a leading international exam board and independent education charity that has been providing assessments around the world since 1877. They specialize in the assessment of communicative and performance skills covering music, drama, combined arts and English language.


Their exams and assessments are designed to help learners fulfil their own individual talents and abilities. Today they deliver assessments to over 850,000 candidates each year worldwide.

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Core foundation training starts in FilmLab weekly classes

To those students who are interested to be a part of the trinity exams and get accreditation and certificates, they must attend weekly group  classes at FilmLab Academy. This is because the basic knowledge and training are taught in these group settings. This is what starts to create and foundation before doing any exam.

College Students

All Ages supported for digital exams and certificates

Certificates for exams are earned by passing the recommended exams for the certain age group you or your child are in.


For students seven and below, there are certificates with no theory component. (just an acting exam no theory).


For older students, they will start with the recommended exam for their age.


With the help of FilmLab Academy, we as a team will help and support you or your child to complete and receive a certificate in acting exams.

Taking an Exam

How Exams Work

Get to Know Us

The time period for exams is about 10 weeks to prepare, film, and complete a exam. (8 weeks to learn and rehearse and 2 weeks to film).


For students who wish to partake in Trinity exams, one on one lessons will be required by FilmLab Academy.

The standard group lesson per week is the foundation, as well one-on-one lessons with the teacher until the student is ready for their exam. This may be for up to a full 10 weeks of the term.

You can choose to complete your exam from week one to 10 in any term, or from week 5 in any term into the two week holiday period.

Exams can be done in any of the four terms in a year.

Online Class

In Acting

Completing a Diploma through FilmLab Academy with Trinity College

For student in grade 11 and 12 and above, Trinity offers a diploma in performing arts acting. this means that your child is still in school before they've graduated, or post-grad, they can complete a diploma. 

This diploma can be used toward your related university degree.

FilmLab Academy can assist you to achieve the pre-requisite grading required, and assist you through the Diploma requirements and journey through 1-on-1's.

Graduation Caps

Assisting Graduation

How completing and passing exams will help you child graduate high school

When a student completes a Trinity exam from grade 4 upwards, it counts one point towards your QCE.


Grade 8 and a diploma is 2 points towards your QCE. To graduate high school students need 20 points in their QCE.

By completing Trinity exams from grade 4 and up to a diploma, they can accumulate 8 points total if they pass all of the exams.

In some schools they let you drop a subject and get a spare or study period. This means that your child in high school can focus more on their studies or extracurricular activities like acting.

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