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Musical Theatre (3H) - $59 per session

TUE 5:20PM - MOOROOKA - TERM 1 2024 - Musical Theatre, Dance, Singing (10+-ADULT)

  • 開始日期 23 Jan
  • 590 Australian dollars
  • The Social Space



10 week term 1 - 2024 (all sessions included - bookings by term) Class Structure: First 10 Minutes: Engaging check-in to build a sense of community. Focus and Energy Game: A fun activity to enhance concentration and energy awareness. 1st Hour - Singing: Learn group vocals, harmonies, and essential skills for group performances. Focus on music for the year-end production. 2nd Hour - Dance: Acquire dance skills and basics for theatre, emphasizing essential dance techniques. 3rd Hour - Acting: Develop stage acting skills through "Open Scenes," using theatre conventions to portray characters. Begin script focus for the production. Learning Outcomes: Communication Skills: Effectively articulate dialogue and lyrics with clarity and projection. Nonverbal Communication: Express emotions through body language, facial expressions, and gestures. Listening Skills: Collaborate with directors and fellow actors, demonstrating attentive listening. Teamwork and Collaboration: Engage in extensive teamwork, communication, and compromise within a group. Emotional Expression: Portray diverse emotions authentically on stage. Adaptability: Adjust to changes in cues, fellow actors' performances, and unexpected situations. Empathy and Understanding: Develop empathy by portraying diverse characters and understanding different perspectives. Audience Engagement: Sharpen skills in engaging and connecting with live audiences. Public Speaking Confidence: Build confidence in public speaking and presentation skills. Professionalism: Learn industry etiquette and standards for a professional approach. Career Preparation: Acquire practical skills and experience for real-life auditions and productions. Creative Expression: Encourage creative interpretation of characters and narratives. Enhanced Creativity: Tap into imagination to generate unique ideas and perspectives. Sense of Community: Foster a lasting sense of family and support within the student community. Examinations: Cover AMEB basics with opportunities for student examinations.



  • 21 Clifton Street, Moorooka QLD 4105, Australia

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